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Melissa Higginbotham: Products

Aurora Rising - CD

A musical journey of a young man's Stand for the Forces of Light against the forces of darkness. This wonderful album will have you humming the tunes throughout the day.   

Melissa Higginbotham: Aurora Rising



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Keepers of the Flames - CD

Keepers of the Flames is a lovely lyrical collection of songs to assist your spiritual journey Home. You'll find yourself joyfully singing along with this album; and the consciousness of the songs will soon be singing you.

Blessings to all on your Heroic Journey.  May you fly on Wings of Grace along the Pathway Home. 

Melissa Higginbotham: Keepers of the Flames


Sound Healing CDs - CD

Custom, personalized CDs with healing tones and/or music to help you heal on all levels.  Write for quotes.


Dancing Flames Products - Cups, Cards, & Tee Shirts

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