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Melissa Higginbotham: Reviews

 I received your CD and I have just finished listening to it. My entire template is buzzing, at this moment. I feel emotions of love, laughter, joy and gratefulness.

 When I encounter frequencies that touch that part of my selves, it sends sparks of love throughout my entire body. Sparks that bring smiles, a deep love feeling and a desire to embrace all other aspects of creation and hold them within that eternal spark of the love of Source.
Your CD has touched this very special core of my being and has brought forth those heart warming feelings. The same kind of feeling that one might encounter when watching a tear jerker movie or one that makes them want to get up and dance and sing.
I love the way you have composed the music. Put in those little extra bits that make the waves sparkle and glimmer. I can feel, see, touch and taste those little extra bits of sparkles and glimmers as I allow myself to move along the waves.
But, the most important aspect to me, after listening to your CD, is the fact that I feel lighter, free, excited and empowered. Much like a rainbow bubble being set free to float along on the winds. My desire is to share that feeling with all of creation.
T.H., Indianapolis
This is truly a heartfelt and uplifting album enriching the spirit and creating a feeling of positive momentum onward and upward into the glorious ascension spiral.  This transports the listener into the beautiful realms which await us just beyond the horizon into Median Earth.
Listening to this keeps me filled with joy and the strength to carry our mission forward expanding the love of Source unconditionally throughout the Cosmos.
It has been a divine pleasure to experience these magnificent sounds and be soothed and inspired by your heavenly voice.
Thanks for the infinite expansive joy you bring to this world.
D.M., Phoenix

This is delightful.  Congratulations – you’ve done a wonderful job with it! 

N.T., UK

I've been listening to my new CD over and over the last few days, I can't thank beloved mEL enough for this timely and EVER JOYFUL gift! IT's like Disney went to Urtha! And I soar along and heal so much in JOY and remember JOY is ALLOWED and IS ever a PART Of every drama. I listen to this CD Every DAY this now. On my drive home and drive to work, this CD SINGS me in Delightful ways. Some days I feel TOTAL cheer and courage,some days I feel some unresolved, sad pattern creep up and release, and aLL of it is Healing on soooo many levels! DEFINITELY this CD is going to be a Christmas Gift for several beloveds in my life.

So just a big thank you for allowing us to share in this process of healing as we journey IN and THROUGH our own Kryst Beingnesses and Aliveness as we journey with the Sound Tones of the Music, and the memories it stirs! Ahhhhh, they sing me to sleep at night. I don't have a player in my room, but I have one in my head! And it remembers the songs from the drive home and plays and plays me (sings me) to sleep journey! :) I really Love and Appreciate it!

M.R., Mariposa, CA (Feb 25, 2010)

Uplifted far over i could have imagined here & now - your voice flys high & takes US with it!

T.P., UK (Jan 14, 2010)

Found your web site and listened to a few of your songs. Wonderful job. They brought tears to my eyes as memories were brought forth.

R.D., US (Jan 14, 2010)

I am so excited to be drawn to this beautiful website this morning, anticipating FOL and holding the Grids here in Md. I love the colors and picture on the CD-resonated with it instantly and totally! Thank you for sharing with us, the ONE, in going HOME!!!

S.B., MD (Dec 29, 2009)

I am blown away with the beauty and reminds me of my childhood...blessings to you and lots of lava...hugs..."

A.S., Phoenix (Dec 15, 2009)

Love your Voice and your Music!!!

L.L., NY (Jan 26, 2010)

Beloved mEL, how beautiful! I can feel your heart vibrations in all of the songs and your voice rings beautifully free and clear and strong. A wonderful creation. LaVa flows and blessings to you.

J.D., US (Dec 30, 2009)