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Melissa Higginbotham: The Music

Hands of Glory

(Melissa Higginbotham)
August 24, 2009
Melissa Higginbotham


This songs came about because of taking higher frequency Azurite Press workshops pertaining continued activation of the various parts of our spiritual anatomy.  One workshop had to do with the activation of our Glory Hands.  On our spiritual journey, we continue to accrete frequency, and we activate our personal Flames to the point where they now manifest on our hands.  As a result, we become a greater healing force for all.


Hands of Glory



Wake up and hear the story

About the Hands of Glory,

They are extensions of the Flame.

Sing now the Songs of Freedom,

Which Spark the Arcs to become

The Love that Sings within the All.



Yours are the Hands of glory,

Make them your God-Source story,

Align your Self with Truth and Grace.

The Edon Garden flowers

With Rose and Lotus Powers,

Aurora Force will Light the Way.



Keys to the Garden given,

We store them to enliven

And heal the Elemental Self.

Rosetta Code will unlock

The Um Shaddh Eie and unblock

The passageway to lead us Home.


Mine are the Hands of Glory!





Copyright 2007, Melissa Higginbotham.  All Rights Reserved.