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Melissa Higginbotham: The Music

Spirit Rising

(Melissa Higginbotham)
August 24, 2009
Melissa Higginbotham


This was written back in 1992 when I just felt a Call to Spirit.  And I wanted people to know that Spirit WAS rising up and it was their choice to embrace it (or not).


Spirit Rising


See the golden shimmer, see the sparks that glimmer,

See the light glow brighter in my soul.

Dance the round on starlight, live the Truth and weave bright

Ev’ry stream of heartsong ever sung before.

As we win the tourney of our spiral journey,

Rainbow bridge of Love will light the way.

And I feel the glory of my Source-led story,

So hear me, Spirit’s rising up today!



Hear the rainbows singing, golden bells are ringing,

Hear the Truth sung lightly on the wind.

Silver springs of Freedom give me strength to become

All the Krist perfection I have always been.

So I keep on learning, and continue turning

T’wards the Source of Loving, Truthful play.

And I laugh with pleasure for I’ve found Love’s treasure,

So hear me, Spirit’s Rising up today!



Feel the winds caress me, feel the rains that bless me,

Feel the Love expanding in my heart.

Take my hand and see how ev’ry step I take now

Leads me on to pathways never seen before.

Ev’ry round goes higher, ev’ry step’s on fire,

Flaming roads to light me on my way.

And I see the fission of the Krist Light vision,

So hear me, Spirit’s Rising up today!





Copyright 1992-2011, Melissa Higginbotham.  All Rights Reserved.