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Melissa Higginbotham: The Music

Jumping Timelines

(Melissa Higginbotham)
April 5, 2011
Melissa Higginbotham


I was contemplating the feeling of time and how it seemed to speed up within me, but yet everything around me appeared to move slower.  As we increase in frequency, time does appear to move slower in our may feel as if 6 hours have passed, yet when you look up at the clock, only 2 hours have passed.  And at times, when this was happening, I would feel slightly off balance, perhaps a bit dizzy...then everything would seem to shift.  And the thought would come to me...ahhh, we're jumping timelines!


Jumping Timelines


Jumping timelines, opening space within,

Feel the rhythm, world starts to spin.

Flames are rising and the songs of Love Eternal part the layers of time.

We're jumping timelines, orb as Masters do,

Stay on course now, setting vector true.

We echo sounds of healing, wholeness is our birthright,

Moving as orbs through space,

We're stepping through time.


Jumping timelines, steady now on track,

Hear the drumbeat, there's no turning back.

Time suspended as we make alignments to the vectors heading Home.

We're jumping timelines, Krystos team in place,

We're pure joy now, we are waves of Grace.

We sing the Songs of Freedom, Krystal Truth all knowing,

Moving as orbs through space,

We're stepping through time.



Copyright 2009, Melissa Higginbotham.  All Rights Reserved.