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Melissa Higginbotham: The Music

Indigo Children

(Melissa Higginbotham)
August 24, 2009
Melissa Higginbotham


I had a friend who was making a documentary on the Indigo Children. We talked about how they were starting to show up, but that many of them, in order to survive, had hidden their true selves. In pondering the frequency call I knew would be, or was going out to them, "The Lost Indigo Children" was born.


The Indigo Children


Where are the children? The Lost Indigo children?

It was promised we would find them again.

Many roads were traveled, they were scattered and lost,

All because they were the children of time.

The Call has now sounded, and we are all waking

To the Beauty and the Truth we once knew.

We hear a voice within, a Golden-Silver One,

Saying, "wake up, it is time to come Home,

Saying, "wake up, it time to come Home.

We seek each other out, our families of time,

We've been lonely for the knowing within,

That there's a destiny, we've come here to complete,

Bearing love that bridges space and all time.

The clock is now reset, the hour now has come,

And the children are now heading for Home.

We cross the Krystal bridge, on silver songs of light,

The Diamond Door is opening wide,

Come now it's open, and it's time to go Home.


Copyright 2002-2011, Melissa Higginbotham.  All Rights Reserved.