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Melissa Higginbotham: The Music

Home Again

(Melissa Higginbotham)
November 24, 2010
Melissa Higginbotham


I always had this yearning inside for something, not knowing what it was. I even felt at times that I must be adopted, because where I was living never felt like Home. It's only been as I continued on my Spiritual Journey that I discovered that the feeling we all want of being Home is within go within is to find the Pathway Home.



I seek the place within, a secret hiding place where I can feel at Home.

I seek to unify all parts of Self as One and know Who I Am, and know Who I Am.

I open up inside in just the Krysted way to let the Sun shine in.

My Rishi Sun aligns and we are riding on the waves of Light and Sound, of Light and Sound.

My Rishi Self and I, we journey deep inside along the Pathway Home.

I feel the Peace and Love, the God-Self This I Am, for I Am going Home, for I Am going Home.

As I remember more of Who I Am this now, I wake to Joy within.

I laugh to find I've never left my Home at all, for I Am always Home, For I Am This I Am.

For I Am always Home,

For I Am This I Am,

For Home is Who I Am,

For Home is Who I Am.



Copyright April 2009, Melissa Higginbotham; All Rights Reserved.